08 August 2011


The Kiosk is forming in Richmond... it will be a welcome center for the Manchester neighborhood, migrating between three critical locations of urban relevance over the course of two weekends in October. The Kiosk is a product of the 2011 Emerging Leaders in Architecture, a year long honors academy of the Virginia Society of Architecture. Thom is one of the 15 participants, each of whom is an architect, intern, or student from around the Commonwealth. The group is keeping a Blog with updates on progress. Check it out here.

Fun show at the Belmont

Friday night was superfun at the Belmont. Thanks to Jill Berch, NEC, and Glass Pennies for a great time. Videographer Jay Sanchez was there with his gear recording for an upcoming episode of SOUNDCHECK... looks like you might be able to watch Whispering Winds on tv in three weeks from now.