06 November 2010

Press for Art Bike Racks

Peter Johnston of 5forty design and I have collaborated on the design for two artwork/bike rack pieces that we will build and install in Downtown Norfolk. We recently presented our designs at the Downtown Norfolk Council monthly meeting, and some good coverage in the press followed: In the Virginian Pilot, in AltDaily, and Wavy TV 10. To see the whole DNC Member briefing, including analysis about "bikeability" in Norfolk from Frank Duke, Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Norfolk, click here.

28 October 2010

Dr. Mitchell Joachim

Last Tuesday evening, the Hampton Roads Chapter of the AIA hosted its Fall Lecture with Dr. Mitchell Joachim. I was one of the organizers of the event and am very happy with how it turned out. Mitch's talk was excellent, and the Granby Theater was packed. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Marci and Russell Parrish, Jen Stringer, Martin Borger, and Andrew Ferrarelli for the hard work. Also big thanks to Shannon Chance, Jim Gehman, Greg Rutledge, Kevin Murphy, Bobby Wright and the Granby Theater for supporting the event and for help with planning the design competition which we'll soon kickoff. More on that soon... I had chance to interview Dr. Joachim just prior to his visit. Read it here. Also, read Leona Baker's interview at VEER Magazine.

28 May 2010

first discussion tonight

Tonight's discussion will lay some of the ground work for a competition I will be working on organizing with the Hampton Roads chapter of the AIA. Come out and join in. Also, it's a good excuse to come downtown and enjoy Art|Everywhere again - or for the first time.

17 May 2010

Warehouse show

Whispering Winds played a show with Boneske and Pan Am Down (Joshua Kraemer solo set) this past Saturday, the 15th, at the Warehouse in West Ghent. We had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out.

10 April 2010


PKN 2010

i'm on a poster (to the tune of "I'm on a boat"). Hopefully I'll be presenting at this event (I have to get my slides in by Monday).

01 February 2010

Article & First Demo

The Flatiron Park article, Part 2 of a series, is up at AltDaily. Check it out here. Special thanks to Mel Price & Peter Johnston for the extra time and effort on the lovely watercolor rendering, and thanks of course to all of the RE:Vision Norfolk folks working on this, especially Jesse Scaccia, Katherine Richbourg, Cary Sadauskas, Teresa Lockhart, and Kevin Murphy.

And, the first Whispering Winds Demo "Life Support" has been posted up at Imperfect Smile Records myspace site, here, and on the Whispering Winds page, here. Check it out.

All this work is dedicated to my boy, Sid. I'll miss you, buddy.

22 January 2010

Progress Report January 2010

Happy 2010. Some of what's going on...

Whispering Winds is being recorded by Josh Kra
emer and Mike Dunn of Imperfect Smile Records. I made a logo for them for fun:

RE:Vision Norfolk is working on an initiative to transform Flatiron Park in Norfolk to a more inhabitable civic place. I wrote an article back in October for the local online journal AltDaily. Check it out here. A lot of exciting developments have happened since the article came out... A second article will be out soon.

Peter Johnston of 5forty design and I collaborated on a proposal for a public art piece / bike rack for downtown Norfolk, and we were awarded the commission! check out two of the pages we submitted as part of our proposal: The Buoy Bike Rack. Fabrication should begin soon at Peter's shop.

At Ivy Architectural Innovations, the church in the Bronx I'm working on is in limbo waiting for zoning and design approvals; hopefully 2010 will be a good year for this work. Here's a screenshot of the current Revit model:

Work on the kitchen/studio renovations at home is progressing nicely. I've been posting images on facebook pretty regularly; here are a couple of the most recent shots:
BEFORE & AFTER sheetrock

Kitchen coming online