20 October 2009

High Line

I've got a bunch of pics from a walk I took around NYC one Sunday in September...

First, the excellent HIGH LINE:Then... some other notable buildings...More to come...

17 August 2009

Back to the Boot

Come see Whispering Winds at the Boot, next Wednesday ni
ght, the 26th

12 May 2009

First work visit to the Bronx

Was up in NYC last Wednesday and Thursday for finalization of the schematic design documents for a new church in the Bronx. I'm excited to be working on this challenging project.

It was a long and busy couple of work days - only chance for seeing the sights was while being driven between the site and LaGuardia.

Next time I'm up I'm planning on an extended weekend. People and places to see.

23 April 2009

My PKN2009 slides

The format of the event was 10 presenters (ended up being 12) showing 20 slides with each projected for 20 seconds. My presentation was the last one of the evening. The following is the slideshow, in the order it was presented:

Thank you to Rob Reis, Katie Stodghill, Stephanie Frantz, Mary Jaasma, Matt Pearson, Catherine Hugo, and Jessica Obradovic for organizing the event. And thank you to all of the people who came out - there were around 200 people in attendance!

10 April 2009


Come see me at PKN

19 March 2009

Upcoming Events

Talk Night 5 POSTPONED - I'll post the re-schedule date soon
Marissa is showing new works at the Belmont - they are up now - go check them out - they're great

I am thinking about applying to show some stuff (and you should, too) - but even if I don't, I will be attending this Architecture Week event at the Granby Theater

20 February 2009

Talk Night 4

Talk Night 4 was last night. Good discussion about these articles: Design Loves a Depression and Design Hates a Depression. We also watched Joshua Prince-Ramus's TED Talk.

Looking forward to next month. Send me an email if you would be interested in joining us.