30 April 2007

Post Lag

So the blog has stalled a bit, as has the construction of the website. I acknowledge it's not fun at all to check on a page that never changes, so I offer the following rendering:

The past several months have been intense as this project inches closer to getting under construction. It is an 80,000 square foot, 2,500 seat performing arts center / convention center for a church in Virginia Beach. With steel joists spanning 165 feet over the auditorium, a two-story Lobby with 200 feet of curving blue-tinted glass curtain wall, suspended catwalks, multiple coffeshops and bookstores, etc., it will be dramatic to see this thing begin to take shape in the coming months. It'll be worth showing off the progress, so expect to see some updates on this with images in late summer. ("Yeah right" you're saying right now)