10 January 2007

Second Life madness!

First... at the beginning of the week it was announced that Linden Lab is making the Second Life viewer (the software that gets loaded onto your home machine) open source, which is going to make the "by residents, for residents" aspect that much more true, and will certainly make the platform even more viable as a collaboration tool, which gets the FUN seal of approval (trademarked). Then... SL is featured on Archinect with a rather amusing look at "LOL Architects" out of Stockholm, a group with the goal of becoming the largest architecture office in the world. Check out www.archinect.com and www.secondlife.com.

I am slammed with a handful of huge deadlines (RL), but wow - 2007 is off to a very interesting start with regard to my current favorite hobby...

Oh yeah... Happy Lucky '07 to all!

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Michelle said...

Keep up the good work.