30 January 2007


As I pull the materials together (at long last) for funhaus.net I will be posting here from time to time on the past projects and events. If you, dear visitor, have any photos, stories, or commentary of ye olde funhaus of yore, please please contribute - it is certainly the spirit of community that drives this thing.

The first entry in the FLASHBACK series is the piece "Turn", aka the funbox. Back in the year 2000, Amy Broderick was a masters thesis student at MICA in Baltimore and was one of 10 artists awarded a "Viewing Station" to be publically displayed as part of the annual Artscape festival. The artists were issued a plywood box, approximately 4'x4'x8' and solid on all sides except for a Plexiglas panel in one of the vertical faces; the requirements were to install drawings in the box for "90, 180, or 360 degree viewing". This opportunity to challenge the frame and manipulate the connection between 2d drawing and three dimensional space was the inspiration which lead the project to evolve into a collaboration between Amy, who was working on large drawings with ink on paper at the time, and Thom, who was working in architecture. The idea was to put the viewer inside the box, and the drawing outside. Further, the viewer would have to interact with the drawing - to touch it and pull it around the box, to turn it- in order to see it in its entirety.

The funbox became a sort of spectacle at the festival. It was amusing and surprising to watch people line up to enter it while the masses surrounded it...the viewers inside and out becoming the objects of attention. Even more amusing and surprising was watching people put their hands inside the rubber gloves we installed... totally nasty; those things reeked of crab cakes in no time!
After three days of abuse from hordes of often drunken and/or sun-stroked festival-goers, the installation finally succumbed with the drawing, which had been sandwiched in acetate to shield it from moisture, shredded and then ultimately ripped in half, the gloves pulled off their bungees, and the box itself soiled with the grime of summer fun.

I intend to post a video i made of this thing in action on funhaus.net. stay tuned.


Marissa said...

eeeewwwwwwhhhh- rubber gloves that smell like crab cakes? yuck. can you imagine the bacteria festering in there?

tagore said...

so when do we get to see the video huh? huh? huh?