19 January 2007

Another Milestone

It's been a fun week for me on the Architecture side of things. On Tuesday, the previously blogged-on American Cancer Society building had its dedication ceremony, which means it is fully operational. And yesterday was move-in day for the Residence in Ghent project I've been working on since the Summer of '05.

This project began as an exciting design challenge for a couple of supercool clients: to renovate and make an addition to a historic residence in the Mowbray Arch section of Ghent. The existing residence would be gutted down to the floor plates with only a small number of interior walls remaining; and an old shabby addition would be removed to make way for a larger new Addition. Once drawings were made and the demolition began, the project quickly evolved into a significant construction challenge, as it was discovered that majority of the wood framing of the house was so compromised by termite damage and shoddy previous patches and "repairs" that it would all need to be replaced. So the house was stripped down to just its perimeter masonry walls and the roof. Steel frames and plywood shear walls were implemented to keep the house from toppling over, while at the same time affording us the opportunity to keep the first floor completely open and continuous, free of interior partitions, AND allowing us to completely remove the existing north facade, which would be the point of intersection of the old house and the new Addition.

It turned out well. There are some minor details which still need to be worked out, as is always the case. Once everything gets wrapped up and the residents are settled in, I'll head back for another photo session and post here in further detail. In the meantime, here are two sets of images of some of the highlights:

It will also be fun to post some "before and after" shots; they will be quite dramatic. Props go out to the clients for the vision, to John Tymoff, Michael Schnekser, and Missi Smith for their input and expertise through the design process and execution, to Covington Contracting for making it happen, and to 5forty Design for the custom fabrications.


Marissa said...

good work, such busy times! Thanks for getting us in there to see the residence. It inspired Mike and I with our little renovation- and probably pushed our plans down the road a bit.

Walt said...

Aha! So this is what's been busting out of the back of the Fairfax Avenue row! Interesting!

Cassie said...