18 December 2006


Well, well, well... somehow the word got around that a funhaus blog was launched (I only told 2 people...I'd ask you who they were and give you some guesses, but you already know who - so what would be the point???) and then I got flamed for not posting anything. I guess I deserve it... and I don't want anyone to declare battleblog or anything...so here I've broken down and finally posted something new: an image of a building and some detail shots of its interior.
I am excited that this building has finally opened. It is the Thomas R. Lee Volunteer Center - the local headquarters of the American Cancer Society. The site is a stone's throw from Mt. Trashmore and Fake Downtown in Virginia Beach. Design began in 2002, and it is finally open! woohoo! I'd like to give a special shout out to Tagore Hernandez up in Boston, who worked on this project back in the beginning.
So - this will be another aspect of this blog: to show off architectural work related to funhaus. This particular building was designed by Tymoff+Moss Architects; the Project Architect was Thom White, your humble poster.


Cassie said...

damn - i'm impressed. and hey - thanks for the post. i was starting to give up on you.

Jim said...

i'm trying to find a contact e-mail for Tagore. I'm an old roommate of his.


hit me up if you can help