18 December 2006


Well, well, well... somehow the word got around that a funhaus blog was launched (I only told 2 people...I'd ask you who they were and give you some guesses, but you already know who - so what would be the point???) and then I got flamed for not posting anything. I guess I deserve it... and I don't want anyone to declare battleblog or anything...so here I've broken down and finally posted something new: an image of a building and some detail shots of its interior.
I am excited that this building has finally opened. It is the Thomas R. Lee Volunteer Center - the local headquarters of the American Cancer Society. The site is a stone's throw from Mt. Trashmore and Fake Downtown in Virginia Beach. Design began in 2002, and it is finally open! woohoo! I'd like to give a special shout out to Tagore Hernandez up in Boston, who worked on this project back in the beginning.
So - this will be another aspect of this blog: to show off architectural work related to funhaus. This particular building was designed by Tymoff+Moss Architects; the Project Architect was Thom White, your humble poster.

24 October 2006

critical mass disseminated as blog

Well, here we go...

Get ready for some truly indispensable insight into all things FUN. You will be hanging on the edge of your seat as you cling to every sans-seriffed syllable and gasp at each expanded e-pic. You will rant at the pretention and swoon for the sincerity; will long and linger in the nostalgia and convulse in the shock of the new. ZAP! It's funhaus as a blog: spatially improvising and producing yet another diversion for you in the ever-expanding blogosphere.